Expansion joint wires

Our high-quality wires are specially designed for expansion joint applications, offering flexibility and durability.

Expansion joint dowels (wires) and application

Floor expansion dowels are ideal for floor structures to control stress and structural movement. Perfect for commercial and residential projects.

Our offer - wires for expansion joints (floors)

Main features:

  • Robustness: Stal-Pol wires are characterized by exceptional strength, providing stable support for expansion joints.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to the flexibility of our wires, they are ideal for expansion joint applications, allowing structural movement without sacrificing strength.
  • High quality: Stal-Pol products are subjected to rigorous quality testing, ensuring reliability and meeting industry standards.

Applications: Stal-Pol expansion joint wires are used in a variety of construction projects, enabling effective management of structural expansion joints.

Customization: We offer expansion dowel wires in a variety of sizes to suit your project specifications.

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