Gabion baskets

Discover the versatile use of gabion baskets. Create sturdy and aesthetically pleasing structures and unique architectural elements. Get in touch and use gabion baskets for your construction and landscape projects.

Mesh gabions and application

Use gabion baskets as a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for the construction of fences, walls and edging along paths, terraces and roads. They can also serve as solid supports for slopes, embankments and embankments. Gabion baskets are not only a practical solution, but also an interesting decorative element, adding beauty to your surroundings.

Our offer - Reinforced gabions

Gabion Basket Grids are hot-dip galvanized..

Technical data:

-dimensions: 199 cm x 102.5 cm,

-wire spacing (mesh) 4 x 11 cm

-wire diameter 4 mm.

-number of wires : 42 short pcs /10 long pcs.

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