Ribbed meshes

Strengthen your structures with robust ribbed meshes. Get in touch and discover how our ribbed mesh can add strength to your construction projects.

Ribbed nets and application

Ribbed mesh is used to reinforce reinforced concrete structures such as ribbed slabs, beams, floors and walls, and in general construction for roads and highways.

Our offer - Ribbed meshes

They provide additional structural strength and rigidity, enabling safe and stable buildings and surfaces to be created. In our offer you will find two types of welded mesh, type Q188 and Q335.

Q188 grid

  • Wire diameter:Ø6mm
  • Dimensions: 2150 x 5000 mm
  • Needle spacing: (mesh) 150 x 150 mm

Q355 grid

  • Wire diameter: Ø8 mm
  • Dimensions: 2150 x 5000 mm
  • Needle spacing (mesh) 150 x 150 mm

Other dimensions: on request

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